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The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews (I’ve read some of his other books) was much like the other Andy Andrews books I have read. Centered around a fictional story is a great set of (7) lessons taught through historical events. It was a great story about how your life can completely turn around, even when you feel there is no hope, and the butterfly effect, which I so love.

“There comes a time in ever person’s life when a decision is required. And that decision, should you make it, will have a far-reaching effect on generations yet unborn. There is a thin thread that weaves only from you to hundreds of thousands of lives. Your example, your actions, and yes, even one decision can literally change the world. Let me say that one more time. One decision, that YOU make, can literally change the world.” pg. 181

A special thanks to my mom, who recommended it!

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