BIZ MINDED MUSES: Episode Releases

Have you heard the Biz Minded Muses?

We have been on a roll starting our new podcast… with great contributions and hard work from my colleagues and friends, Michelle Sholund (owner of By The Bay Botanicals Candle & Gift Shop in downtown Westminster, Maryland) and Ashley Moore (Writer and a Small Business Adviser at! We are now live on iTunes and Stitcher, sharing four recordings for you to enjoy for free!

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I guarantee you will be educated AND entertained.


Episode 000 | INTRO *Meet the Girls! And enjoy a light topic called “SEVEN LEVELS”

Episode 001 | The One Page Business Plan with Ashley G. Moore

Episode 002 | The Power of Free – Entry Level Marketing with Michelle Sholund

Episode 003 | Books That Inspire – Books Recommended by the Biz Minded Muses with Kelly Heck

Episode 003Business Competitions & Challenges with Michelle Sholund

Episode 003 | Daily Guide to Mastering Social Media with Kelly Heck


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