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Websites are often thought of as the end goal. We think of them as a piece of the big puzzle. Your website needs a lot of love, inside and out. We’ll take care of the inside, and then we will teach you about the outside. Let’s get started – are you ready to advance your URL together!?

“Website Development Day” Service

With the “Website Development Day” approach, you and I sit together to build your website, in part or in whole, together. We use online platforms (usually WordPress) that offer pre-designed and customizable templates. This approach for web development and support is ideal for small websites, and business owners looking for a swift turn-around with effective results. And the benefits don't end there - our goal is to help you find comfort in managing light website updates in-house following launch (and we're always here for ongoing support should you prefer help). WDD’s are available in 1/2-day (4-hour) segments.

Adam Stults - Motion Designer, Animator, and Videographer / Editor located in Carroll County, Maryland
No Anchovies USA Pizza WordPress Website GURL
Kelly Heck of Website GURL and Custom Photography for Portraiture for Business
Blair Copywriting & Communications WordPress Website by Website GURL

Ongoing Website Support

No matter the site, everyone needs revisions from time to time, and often we business owners simply RUN OUT OF TIME. Solution! We offer affordable website maintenance. Just shoot over your revisions and we will have your site updated quickly. Is your current web guy lacking in response time? The Website GURL crew can help!

Visitor Tracking & Analytics

If you’re paying extra for visitor data, you shouldn’t. We integrate Google Analytics, a FREE TOOL, into all of client website projects. Did I mention Google Analytics is free?? And AMAZING. We will hook you up so that your website tracks visitors from day one, and then you can set-it-and-forget-it (well, forget it till you need it or simply feel curiosity creeping in), or take full advantage of tracking data to your heart's content.

Mark Smalls Used Car Factory Custom Website Designed and Developed by Website GURL
Potomac Basin Group WordPress Website Gurl
TK Ventures Doors WordPress Website by Website GURL
Taneytown Dance Center WordPress Website by Website GURL

One-on-One Training

Share-The-Knowledge is our motto. I LOVE clients that appreciate understanding the process, and learning is part of EVERY website project. If you already have a website though, we can still find room for growth and improvement. I call these Pick My Brain sessions. Let us answer all of your questions, or guide you through using email marketing, social media, or whatever you wish to master!

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of your most powerful tools. In a world of social profiles that limit visibility and could vanish any day, Email Lists will always get you in front of your audience. Consistently leave an impression on your contacts with reminders about your services, products, specials, and events. We can assist you with account set up, importing of your contact lists, designing master templates, drafting real email campaigns, and scheduling emails.

Whodunnit For Hire WordPress Website by Website GURL
John Street Quarters WordPress Website by Website GURL
Rising Above Addiction WordPress Website by Website GURL

Social Media Support

Want help setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media accounts? We pay close attention to security, quality content, and professional quality graphics and photos. We help you set up business accounts and personal accounts, to give you a cutting edge.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO is what Search Engines use to rank your website in online search results. Learning the best practices of online marketing and link building will set you and your team up for a successful online presence that draws your target clients in to view your website. We can make sure your website is optimized, and teach you how to expand your digital footprint to strengthen your online presence organically for the long-haul.

Local Homestead Products Custom Website Designed and Developed by Website GURL
Giulianova Groceria Responsive Website GURL
Kelly Heck Photography WordPress Website GURL
Lindsay Rausch, Attorney Headshot

Custom Photography

Kelly HERE! Photography was one of my first passions, and it pairs perfectly with web design and marketing. I offer corporate and consumer portraiture, custom stock photography, and product photography, among other genres. Learn more about our photo services for websites, and then visit my Sister Company at to view my full services as well as more samples of my photographic work.

Custom Videography & Motion Design

Adam HERE! Just like Kelly, my first passion was showcasing entrepreneurs in all their glory, through the art of videography and motion design. Any video you need for your business... a promo video, tutorials or educational, interviews or testimonials, a hype video... we can capture your vision. Learn more about our videography and motion design services for websites, and then visit my Brother Company at to view my full services as well as more samples of my video work.

Adam Stultz Videographer, Video Editor, and Motion Designer at Baltimore Maryland Production Studio