TK Ventures of Westminster, MD
Hillary Hawkins

I would highly recommend Kelly of Website GURL to anyone looking to start from scratch or update their website. She is very knowledgeable about the ever changing tools that give your business what it needs to compete in the online … Read More

City of Taneytown, MD
Nancy McCormick, Economic Development

Kelly Heck is a centerpiece for Taneytown and Carrol County with her investment in community, her concern for her clients, and the trust she has developed in the business network. Her persona defines the integrity of her talent and professional … Read More

Kelly Heck Photography's Promotional Magazine for Personal Branding Portraiture
Print Magazine for Kelly Heck Photography

We designed these 20- and 24-page print magazines for Kelly Heck Photography! One magazine is focused on Consumer style photographic work, while the other is targeted to businesses, featuring Personal Branding Photography meant to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers … Read More

Email Campaigns & Marketing

Email Marketing is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members-and build strong, successful, and lasting relationships with them. It easier than ever to create high-impact email newsletters and promotions … Read More

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Thursday night, I participated in an event called IGNITE Carroll. What’s Ignite Carroll you ask? This was my chance to take the stage and to “enlighten” the audience about one of my passions! BUT, I had to “make it quick!” The IGNITE concept puts … Read More

I might sound like a First Grader…

Last night some girlfriends and I were talking about concepts for content creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SERPs (Search Engine Return Pages / AKA: ranking) goals. I said I’ll have to start calling my ‘interview’ portion of my meetings “The … Read More

Heltebridle Bounds Insurance Website Project with Website GURL
Heltebridle Bounds Insurance Website Project

Bounds Accounting just updated their website presence, so it was time to build a website for their Brother-Company, Heltebridle Bounds. Using a similar template, their team member Alex and I worked together using the Network Solutions Website Builder interface to … Read More

Bounds Accounting Website Project with Website GURL
Bounds Accounting Website Project

Bounds Accounting needed a simple website on a budget. So their team member Alex and I worked together using the Network Solutions Website Builder interface to develop their website. Now customers have a place to visit online to learn more … Read More

MD Lead Inspection of Taneytown, MD
Michael & Debbie Shea, Owners

We engaged Kelly to assist with the creation of our website, utilizing her unique “Website Development Day”. This gave us the opportunity to do far more than get a simple website online, as we were able to tailor the site in … Read More

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