Michelle K. Sholund, Owner

Reisterstown, Maryland | By The Bay Botanicals | https://destinationsscentedcandles.com/

Kelly introduced herself as, “I’m Kelly Heck, like what the Heck…” and I knew she was going to be a fun person to get to know. In meeting up at other events learning more about her passion for photography and web design we have since become friends in business – really helping me with SEO work and given me great tips on how to better optimize my website. Doing so has helped my business not only be seen by more people, but we are getting more sales too. In other words – her advice and help does pay for itself and more! I highly recommend her services and that is why I am posting this, not because she asked, but because she is a funny, easy to get along with business woman where if she can help me, she could easily help you whether it is just advice or help in creating a personal or business website (and more). You go gurl!!.