Renee Sherman, Business Development Director

Westminster, Maryland | Central Maryland Rehabilitation Services |

Central Maryland Rehabilitation Services contracted with Kelly Heck to help host and design our website but gained a lot more than a professionally designed website! Kelly listened to our concerns and learned about our product and the image we needed to display on our site. She was very personable and made it comfortable for a non tech savvy individual to learn and understand what needed to be done to have a successful website. During the development stages Kelly could have easily said, “Just email-me”, but she was always available and willing to meet with me when I needed extra guidance. I really appreciated that time and felt like a valued customer.

Another way Kelly personally helped us create a professional website design was through her magnificent photography. She traveled and set up her studio in our site making it convenient for our busy staff to be photographed [Team Headshots]. Kelly was a professional photographer through and through paying meticulous attention to detail with each and every portrait! We continue to have many compliments on our staff portraits and are proud to refer them to Kelly Heck!

Thank you Kelly for your guidance, professionalism, continued support and your friendship!”