Target Community & Educational Services, Inc.

Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. is one of our most beloved non-profit organizations, and just an amazing team. Working with them is always a dream!

Target’s mission is to empower adults with disabilities to live full and productive lives. The life skills and assistance that their clients learn allow them to live more independent lives. Target’s full range of customized services in Carroll and Montgomery Counties include community living in our homes and Apartment Programemployment services, educational and life-skills training, Day Habilitation services, post-secondary education training, and Autism Waiver Service Coordination. And they also offer an incredible Human Services internship program where you can nearly earn your master’s degree for FREE!

As a 501c3 Non-Profit, donations are always a big factor – so Target’s DONATE buttons all lead to a webpage that go over all the ways their community can support them, monetary and otherwise. Their website clearly lists all of their services, and contact informations for both of their locations in Carroll County and Montgomery County.

Want to learn more about Target Community & Educational Services, Inc.? Visit them at!