Are Your “Call To Actions” Effective?

From time to time, it’s important to review (and improve) your marketing pieces, both print and online. For our marketing to be effective, we need our audience to take action. Therefore, our advertisements need to call upon the viewer to take whatever next move we direct them to take. Print pieces, websites, click-ads… even our email signatures can have a “Call To Action”, or rather, a next step. Variations of call to actions are endless, but we don’t have all day right? So here are 11 strong words to use in your Call To Actions, to get you brainstorming ways to improve your own approach.

11 Strong “Call To Action” Words

  1. Join
  2. Learn
  3. Start
  4. Discover
  5. Free
  6. Save
  7. Try
  8. Find
  9. Get
  10. Now
  11. Today

Want some textual examples?

  1. Join TODAY and Membership is FREE!
  2. Discover why people made the switch!
  3. Act Now!
  4. Free Gift, TODAY ONLY!
  5. Find out how to increase conversions!
  6. Sign up for FREE!
  7. Save when you buy now!


And let’s not forget, NUMBERS play a huge role…
Don’t these sound more enticing?

  1. Join in the next 5 Minutes and Membership is FREE!
  2. Discover why 10 Million people made the switch!
  3. 5 ways to ACT NOW!
  4. 3 FREE Gifts, Today Only!
  5. Find out how to increase conversions by 3-Times!
  6. Sign up for 12 Months FREE!
  7. Save 25% when you buy now!

Everybody Loves Buttons

You can’t put functional buttons EVERYWHERE, but online you can in most places! There’s something so special about clicking a button, and that’s why so many people have lost tons of money in Vegas. So, take advantage of buttons! I mean, could you resit clicking the Ham Button at Do it, I dare you. I bet you click it more than once.
Need a button graphic? No problem! Design it yourself in an image editing program. No time for that? Do it free online, at a site like
There’s even free CSS code button generators, for all you that don’t want to deal with coding. Check this out:

More Graphic Call To Actions

Want a little more pizzazz to your webpages or social posts? Dude, you can design your own stuff with little effort! Check out, they have tons of awesome templates for various uses. And even though some of their offerings have a cost, you can do quite a lot for free.

Email Signatures

There is something about email signatures that I can’t get enough of. It’s like a business card, one of the most passed out marketing pieces you’ve got. MAKE IT GLORIOUS! You can design BEAUTIFUL and detailed email signatures yourself. I have two, one for Kelly Heck Photography, and one for Website GURL, check them out (and heck, they even have clickable buttons!):

Website GURL Email Signature


You want to know how sneaky I am? You have to email me if you want to know what FREE website I used to design my email signature. So do it, email me! Let me know how you are, what you’re tackling, and know that I’ll be excited to reconnect with you.



THANKS FOR READING! Please share your great ideas below – what suggestions would you add?

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