Growth is about REFLECTION

I watched an webinar on creating contact forms that will win clients over, led by Feyisola Ogunfemi, and a segment after her talk she mentioned reflection. She talked about using every client interaction as an opportunity to reflect on what is working, and what is not working. I think we forget to do this as time passes… we forget to ask for feedback, for testimonials, for areas of improvement. We are all racing to finish our days, to get everything done, to get to the next task, all bombarded with constant distraction, that we loose the day, instead of making the day. Take a moment to reflect.

Mornings are the perfect time to reflect on all that the day has for you.

Since Feyisola’s talk was about contact forms, let’s focus on communications (we all have to make sales, find new contacts, keep existing contacts, market ourselves effectively, etc…. it’s all about communication.) In terms of communications, there is always more that I can improve upon… I’ll lay my weakness and strength on the table for you.

Biggest weakness is my lacking use of social media in my marketing strategy – I know I could get so much from it, but I’ve struggled to stick with it. Today, to try and resolve that, I’ve revived my HootSuite account and connected the three accounts I want to use the most. Once I get back on track with this habit, perhaps I will pull more in.

Biggest strength is honesty and courtesy. I find that transparency is one of my greatest strengths, once I can engage a point of contact in conversation. We connect on a level of friendship and trust, and transparency does just that. I try to leave no room for assumptions, only certainties, so that all parties understand the expectations moving forward. And approaching all situations with as much courtesy as possible can only lead to that friendly connection. (And for anyone that reads this, I hope you feel I project this as well, haha! If not, I need YOUR reflection on what you think I could do better.)

Woo, asking for feedback is kinda scary, but we have to do it! Do you have any feedback for me? And what do you feel are your two communication weakness and strengths? Be bold, share! Maybe we can work on these skills together. 😉

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  • Wow! Just seeing this! I never knew that my talk on contact forms sparked a whole blog post – thanks so much for sharing! I love everything that you had planned and I hope that you’re still sticking with it!

    • Hey Feyisola!!

      In some areas I have stuck with it, on others I have not! I am still 100% honest and transparent – there is no better way to do business. But on the marketing/social end I haven’t kept up with for Website GURL – but another hat I wear, Kelly Heck Photography, I now have an intern helping with my social presence and I have a regular email newsletter!!

      Thank you again for your inspiration!

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