6 Tips to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Working hard on your Facebook page but still not getting the results you want?

Here are some tips to help you increase engagement with your fans:

  1. Ask your audience engaging questions. Questions will encourage comments rather than just ‘Likes’.
  2. Include pictures with your posts. Pictures help grab attention in an already busy news feed. Select images that will captivate your audience by keeping your photos interesting but not too busy. Show behind the scenes… share products and product development… play games or entertain… etc. Use images with good lighting and good compositions too! And if it’s not your image, give credit where credit is due.
  3. Share quotes. People love to be inspired or to have a laugh. Touch your audience emotionally and you will be remembered.
  4. Your Facebook Fan Page profile picture and banner images need to be sized properly and represent your company, brand, and product completely. Be easily recognizable. A fan page profile picture is cropped to a perfect square, so use an image of your logo or another grahpic easily identified as your brand… make sure it is easily recognized even when viewed very small. If needed, ask a graphic designer to help you create this graphic. Your banner image is also displayed at a specific size, except instead of a perfect square, the space you have to use is panoramic (a lengthy horizontal). Make sure the images you use are interesting but also very representative of your business.
  5. Make your posts WORTH engaging with. Think about the types of posts you want to publish, and consider how you can post more consistently. Can you come up with posts that your fans will share on their feeds? Don’t be sky to ask for a share, or a like, or a comment if your post warrants it.
  6. Don’t forget to talk back. When a fan responds, be part of the conversation too – offer thanks, suggest an idea, ask another question… keep the conversation going.

Start planning your strategy on Facebook…
Begin executing your plan…
And hold yourself to it!