It’s TIME for Website Spring Cleaning

It’s not uncommon to let your own marketing fall by the wayside, especially through the holidays and dreary winter months. That means it’s time to set aside a part of your day to review your website from top to bottom, page by page. Let’s go through the many things that you can check off your list, starting with common content updates:


Let’s touch on functionality:

  1. Test your Online Forms.
  2. Test all other specialty functions to make sure they are working properly.


Clean up and freshen your content:

  1. FIRST, Check your anayltics to see if any specific pages are lacking visitors. (Google Analytics, if already installed on your website.)
  2. As you read through your content, address out-of-date content, reduce unnecessary verbiage, and add new content.
    1. Add links throughout your content to other relevant webpages (AKA: “Cross Linking”)
    2. News Items (newsletters, press releases, articles, etc.)
    3. Events / Calendar (are they current or old? are your newest items on the list?)
    4. Services / Products (have you expanded or reduced your scope?)
    5. Team (have you had any staff members change?)
    6. Testimonials from Happy Clients
    7. Menu Navigation (can it be further simplified or better organized?)
    8. Double check your contact info EVERYWHERE!
    9. Spell Check!!
  3. Does your website need any visual touch-ups?
    1. Swap Photos
    2. Update Graphics (Try Canva!)
    3. Update Typography
    4. Update Layout / Design Elements
  4. Test Social Media Links & Add NEW Links


Touch up marketing aspects:

  1. Are visitors taking the next step towards becoming a client? See if you can strengthen your “Call to Actions”!
  2. Is it easy to connect with you through your website? (call, email, sign up for newsletters, follow social accounts, etc.)
  3. Are your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Keywords still accurate?


Last but not least, TECHNICALITIES:


Let Website GURL know how your spring cleaning went,
and let me know if you think up any other good pointers.

Call me if you need help: 443-340-6317

And if you feel you have a little bit of everything and want to talk about a revamp, I’m your GURL!


PS… if website spring cleaning got you in the mood for more, check out my latest blog post about a recent favorite book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”!!