What is a “Call to Action” ?

A new phrase we hear a lot when discussing online marketing is “Call to Action”. The practice itself is not something new – you’ve probably been doing it for years, but the way you apply it has changed as online marketing has evolved.

Implementing a “Call to Action” is to entice a person to take action. The action could be to place a call, sign up for a newsletter, email to learn more, submit a quote request, fan you on Facebook and follow you on twitter, stop in the office to meet the team, etc.

Are you using “Call to Action” tactics on your company website? In your email newsletter? Is it easy for potential clients to contact you? Are you giving current clients ideas and incentives to invest in additional or continuous services from your company?

Take the time to evaluate your efforts and online presences to ensure you are making the most of your marketing investments. Are the action incentives noticeable enough to grab your viewer’s attention? If you aren’t sure, ask a colleague to review your website/newsletter/profile/etc. with you. Often an outsider will have the perspective you need. And check out some other websites to see how they are drawing in their audience.  Even though many may be small Calls To Action, there are a variety of methods and visuals to reach new clients.


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